Performance CPC

About Performance CPC

Performance CPC (Certified Professional Coach) is all about getting to your goal. Through my support, you can truly obtain your goals and maximize your impact on life. My name is Rick Valois, and I am a Certified Professional Coach that focuses on Performance Coaching.

The strategies I use are proven and return immediate results. Donít let your busy life set aside your goals. Achieve your goals when you want to achieve them!

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Why Performance CPC?

With Performance CPC you get over 15 years of experience in coaching, training, and business management. I also pull inspiration from my experience in ultra-distance races. During these races, I can truly push myself further than ever before. Whether leading a team through a challenging project or in a desert during a 24-hour race, your interpretations and decisions ultimately determine the outcome.

When choosing Performance CPC, you gain the partnership of my extensive experience and exclusive strategies, not to mention the competition's worst nightmare!
If you're looking to get the job you love, break through your current limits, or start that business you've always wanted, then contact me now. I specialize in helping clients achieve their goals through calculated successful decision making and layered strategy planning. Often, clients are given a list from other coaches and then expected to simply complete it. This overlooks all that can happen between sessions. My exclusive strategies not only organize goal priorities, they also help in understanding that you and the decisions you make are the key deciders of your success.

Donít let your busy life set aside your goals. Take charge and achieve your goals now!
Google CEO, Eric Schmidt - "Everybody needs a coach"
"Life is easy. Taking yourself along for the ride, that's the hard part."

-Rick V.
Performance CPC, 2019
 (24 hr obstacle race in Nevada desert)